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About Ozara, Why Kazakhstan and the AIFC

Ozara is specialist consulting firm focussed on enabling firms seeking to benefit from the conditions and privileges of the Astana International Finance Centre (AIFC). Ozara Services was the first consulting company established in the AIFC.


The word Ozara our company name in translation from the Kazakh language means mutual relations and helping each other. We work hand-in-hand with our clients forming practical plans. Our knowledge of the AIFC regulation and legislation means that we are confident in our advice to AIFC participants that they can operate securely, efficiently and profitably with the confidence of the AIFC Court, an English common law court system which is independent from the Republic of Kazakhstan judicial system.


Specially we help firms and people who are:

  •  Seeking to Invest

  •  Seeking to Raise Capital

  •  Seeking to protect their Assets

  •  Seeking to optimise their Financial Structures

  •  Seeking to gain authorisation for Regulated Activities



 Our Competitive Advantages

  • Extensive and detailed knowledge of Financial Firms; their products, processes and procedures

  • In-depth understanding of financial services regulatory regimes and expectations of financial service regulators

  • Expert level knowledge and wide coverage in all aspects of Governance, Risk and Compliance

  • Deep engagement in AIFC and AFSA providing unrivalled knowledge and expertise in compliance regulatory relationship management with AFSA and AIFC.

  • Core Team members with over 25 years experience of advising and experience in Financial Services

  • Strong legal knowledge of regulation, terrorism and AML

"Our perspective may be different from others when considering the AIFC. The conditions and privileges of the AIFC encapsulated in legislation and regulation, in our view are not limiters or constraints for a business but rather with thorough and deep understanding provide new perspectives and opportunities for you and your business". 


- Zhanymkhan Zhanaltay, Senior Partner, Ozara Services

We also recognise the importance that the AIFC is not just for financial firms, not just for Legal firms, not just for Consulting firms - but like at the ADGM (Abu Dhabi Global Markets) where 4 out of 5 companies are real operating businesses - the AIFC is for real profit making, sleeves rolled-up businesses.

Our goal is clear: to help businesses use the AIFC privileges and benefits, and platform and tools, and the AIX; to grow and achieve their aims and benefit Kazakhstan.

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