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Designing Business Roadmap

Prior to commencing activity within the AIFC or Astana International Exchange (AIX), we believe that designing business roadmap, strategy and objectives is a foundational activity to deliver achievable results - the Confirming Business Rationale phase. We recommend undertaking critical analysis which provides recommendation, rationale and roadmap for informed decisions to establish business within the AIFC. We will help you find the best options from the platform and tools of the AIFC and AIX that will meet the strategic goals of your Company, deliver most monetary benefits and be least costly and quickest to implement.


Providing the Confirming Business Rationale phase findings establish clear benefits to become an AIFC participant or AIX Issuer we proceed to the next steps. Of course, there are cases where becoming an AIFC Participant and an AIX Issuer is the best course of action.

Our expertise examines your goals to confirm:

  • Legal entity and corporate structure(s) and company ownership

  • AIFC benefits alignment

  • Regulated and non-regulated activities

  • Use of regulatory sandbox

  • Multi-jurisdiction operation

  • AIFC future options


Specifically, for Regulated Activities the criteria used to evaluate options include:

  • capital requirements

  • credit exposure and risk

  • reporting and disclosure

  • implementation cost

  • time to benefits

AIFC Participants

For those firms becoming AIFC Participants our services include:

Company Formation

New Companies established in the AIFC are incorporated under the AIFC Law  which is guided by principles, norms and precedents of England and Wales’s law. We provide step by step guidance and assistance to applicants wanting to set up  in the AIFC working with AFSA and the Register of Companies.

We will manage the application process with the applicable authorities for our clients including:

  • Preparation and submission of all required documents to the AFSA and Registrar of Companies from initial approval to license issuance.

  • Preparation of the business plan and structuring of the documentation required for our clients to implement the chosen structure with the engagement of our company formation services.

  • Consistent follow up with the AFSA and Registrar of Companies for the expedient formation of the Company.

Gaining Authorisation for Regulated Activities

In order to conduct financial services (Regulated Activities) in the Astana International Financial Centre, individuals or entities need to seek authorisation from the Astana Financial Services Authority. Authorisation is given in the form of a licence which is issued by the AFSA, which specifies the type of financial services that can be conducted.


Our experts including those that have been regulators will:

  • Prepare the Authorisation Pack for Authorisation of the new entity, including full policies and procedures manual for how the company will be run, 3 year financial projections and the mandatory information for shareholders and key personnel

  • Liaise with the Astana Financial Services Authority (the Regulator) to answer questions and clarify operational concerns

  • Prepare detailed roadmap for the Financial Firm to quickly become operational following Authorisation.

Becoming Operational

After becoming a participant and, if required licensed for Regulated Activities, it is important for firms to become quickly operational to realise the benefits.


We support businesses to become mobilised and ready to operate:

  • We help shape, prepare and lead programmes of work, which will be required for operating an optimal International Finance Centre participant

  • We deliver training for firms in relation to compliance, anti-money laundering and counter terrorism financing.

Governance, Risk and Compliance

We provide outsourced compliance services to ensure that our clients are able to remain compliant with the rules and regulations set out by AFSA. We can work with our clients to ensure that you have robust systems and controls in place and provide any additional compliance or risk management support that you may need.


Our knowledgeable team specialises in compliance across multiple sectors ranging from asset management, private banking, investment banking, Islamic Finance, reinsurance and legal services. This enables us to support you with:

  • Advice and guidance any particular regulatory issue or problem

  • Compliance-related ad-hoc reviews and/or special projects to maintain compliance with the AIFC regulatory landscape

  • Compliance Officers and MLROs on an outsourced basis or for temporary cover when there are unexpected staff absences

  • Prepare for an AFSA Regulatory Risk Assessment. Implement corrective, remedial or disciplinary action that may be required following a regulatory risk assessment.

AIX Issuer

For those firms issuing bonds or listing shares on the AIX our services include:

Prospectus Development

We support our clients with the development and submission of the required documentation to be an Issuer on the the AIX:

Prospectus Summary, Registration Document, Securities Note.

Company Services

Many firms as they become participants require support to ensure that they remain in compliance with legal and regularity obligations. We support businesses with:

  • Preparation and submission of required documents for event driven filings to the Registrar of Companies

  • Preparation filings and returns on a quarterly basis for client review and making these available to the Registrar of Companies

  • Consistent follow-up and acting as the interface between our clients, AFSA and Registrar of Companies.


During the first phase of operation many firms require support to have the mandatory personnel for key controlled and designated roles. We can provide experts who are recognised by AFSA to fulfil the following roles:

  • Money Laundering Reporting Office

  • Risk Manager

  • Compliance Officer

  • Director

Designing Business Roadmap
Company Formation
Gaining Authorisation
Becoming Operational
Governance, Risk and Comliance
AIX Issuer
Company Services
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