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How we demonstrate our values is through our ethical conduct and ethical decisions.


Ethical conduct

  • Acting ethically requires evaluating and giving due consideration to alternative courses of conduct. In summary:

  • We respect human rights in dealing with stakeholders at large e.g. team members, clients, suppliers, shareholders, communities etc.

  • We recognise that local customs, traditions and practices may differ. Accordingly, we respect local laws and customs while supporting international laws and regulations.

  • We do not allow child labour and ensure that our processes reflect this.

  • We do not allow unlawful discrimination of any kind in working relations in the work place.

  • We respect health and safety regulations in our work environment and in dealings with stakeholders.

  • We require team members to maintain confidentiality with regard to sensitive information to which they have access.

  • We do not allow financial malpractice, impropriety, bribery or corruption in our business practices and we act in accordance with applicable laws.


Making Ethical Decisions

You should be able to answer "yes" to the following questions before taking any action on behalf of the Company.

  • Is the intended action consistent with the values of honesty and integrity? 

  • Can the action withstand external and internal scrutiny?

  • Will the action protect the Company's reputation as an ethical company?

If you think that your career can benefit from becoming an intern or employee of Ozara,

please write explaining how you will contribute to the firm and how this will help your career development.

In addition, send an up-to-date CV to: 

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